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Here at Integrative Chiropractic and Performance, our mission is to educate about the value of natural medicine; treat and heal the individual; and empower the community to improve their overall health. We utilize chiropractic care, functional neurology, and clinical nutrition. We will leave no stone uncovered to help you regain your health and performance. Integrative Chiropractic and Performance is where hope is restored, health is regained and performance is reimagined.

Dr. Hoppe is incredibly thorough, has a naturally caring nature and unmatched dedication to helping patients get well. I would recommend him to anyone looking for exceptional care.
— Daniel S. (DC)


Have you lost hope in restoring your health and performance?

Over the past 2 years Dr. Hoppe has become my “Go To” chiropractor. Dr. Hoppe is the only chiropractor who has consistently been able to relieve my shoulder and back discomfort and range of motion limitations. After a session with Dr. Hoppe my shoulders are significantly pain free and function up to their full capability.
— Bill H.

Meet Dr. Hoppe

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Dr. Hoppe has always been interested in performance, human health, and the complexity of the human body. As he progressed through the chiropractic curriculum at Northwestern Health Sciences University, he spent extra time learning about clinical nutrition/functional medicine, functional neurology, and muscle testing from world renowned practitioners to better serve his future and current patients. With the use of functional medicine, functional neurology, muscle testing, and chiropractic, Dr. Hoppe believes he is able to help get people back to restored health and function. He is enthusiastic about educating and offering natural health care to his patients and the community. 

Dr. Hoppe loves spending time with family; wife Maggie, daughter Lola, son Harvey, and dog Maya. He and his family, except Maya, attend River Valley Church. He has been an athlete all his life, swimming at the collegiate level and has transitioned to Crossfit. Dr. Hoppe loves the outdoors and being in nature.



Have you been struggling to regain your health?

I have been suffering with chronic shoulder pain since high school. I was always able to manage my pain through ice and pain medication, but after my daughter was born, the constant strain of carrying an infant around created a lot of inflammation and instability in my shoulder. Dr. Scott Hoppe utilized specific therapies to help not only reduce my pain, but restore strength, stability, and range of motion. If you have having shoulder pain he is the man to see.
— Nick E.

What to Expect

At Integrative Chiropractic and Performance we use all of our tools to best suit your needs. 

First visit;

  • Detailed health history review
  • Will include a chiropractic exam, functional neurological exam, gait and movement assessment, and a BIA (if warranted). 
  • Lasts from 60-90 minutes depending on complexity
  • Typically treatments are included on the initial visit

Second visit;

  • Review finding from initial exam and develop a plan that is best suited for your needs
  • There are 4 questions every patient wants to know
    1. What's causing the problem?
    2. Can I help?
    3. How long will it take?
    4. How much will it cost?

We will use assessment forms, laboratory analysis, and BIA to determine nutritional needs.



Performance re-imagined

Have pain and injuries been preventing you from getting back to your top performance?

Dr. Scott Hoppe is a very talented and thorough Chiropractor. I had a shoulder injury that was very painful. Other practitioners helped some but it wasn’t going away or consistently getting better. Dr. Hoppe found, through Applied Kinesiology, a muscle that wasn’t working properly and setting the whole thing up. After treating that a few times the injury healed and was back to normal fairly quickly. I really appreciated the time he took to check out all aspects of it and find the one thing the others had missed.
— Lisa S.