As many of you may know my husband is a chiropractor, knower of all things health and fitness related, no really, I mean it, he is genuinely one of the smartest people I know.

I, on the other hand, am not as knowledgeable when it come to fitness and the general well being of my health! I specialize in things like my full time job, my favorite reality TV shows, our completely loony fur baby (Maya) and our almost 2 year old daughter, Lola, of course my latest addiction, Harvey!

You see, people are always saying things to me like, "You're so lucky you're married to a chiropractor", or "You guys must be so healthy", or my personal favorite "You're married to a chiropractor, that's basically the same thing as being one, right?"! No seriously, I have gotten that last one more than once!

Well, they are all wrong! Yes, I am lucky to be married to a chiropractor, but only because that chiropractor is Scott! You see Scott has a few things going for him. First, he loves to read, and I'm not talking the latest Harry Potter book, but he loves to read smarty pants stuff - textbooks and research articles. He is also one of the kindest people out there and has a true desire to heal people. It is the reason God put him on this earth and his purpose in life.   

Because of all of this, Scott and I thought it would be a great time in our lives to open a chiropractic office. You know with just having our first child, work as busy as ever for me, and oh by the way did I mention we just bout our first home.

Being a business owner is actually going pretty well, and this is due in large part to most of you reading this blog *shout out to our family and friends*!  And if we don't know you, welcome, we are glad you are here because we have decided to do a little something different with this blog, let me explain.

As previously mentioned, Scott (that's Dr. Scott to you!), is smart about all things health....Me, well not so much. So what you're going to read here in every other post is my reality of being a busy working mom who is trying to help my husband continue to build a chiropractic office, while trying to eat right, workout and stay healthy (ha, just writing it makes me laugh out loud). After you hear from me the next post is going to be Dr. Scott dropping some knowledge on me, my reality and the struggle that is in fact REAL!

Our goal here is to invite you into our lives, call out the struggles, yes, even I have as the wife of a chiropractor struggle to lead a clean and healthy life. We want to drop some knowledge on you while hopefully getting a laugh or two out of you. Ok. Are you ready? Let's do this!