3 BIG Reasons Why You Keep Getting Injured

Hello athletes, weekend warriors, and health enthusiast alike today we are going to talk about 3 Big reasons why you keep getting injured. 


1. You're only concerned with the site of the injury.

You need to be concerned with the area that surrounds the injury site because our bodies work in systems, patterns, and reflexes. When rehabbing an injury you need to incorporate neurology into your treatment program because our brain makes all of our body regions operate. Our brain simply needs to know where our body is in space in orderly to correctly interpret our environment. When our brain is unable to accurately know where our body parts are in space, it is unable to fire muscle patterns appropriately thus resulting in dysfunction.

The diagram below depicts how the brain is involved in repetitive injury and ties in reasons 1 and 2 especially. 


2. Your body won't start breaking down until you are old

You don't need to be old for you body to start breaking down. To expand on reason one it is all about force absorption. Due to the affect of gravity on earth, every person, plant, animal, and structure on this planet must resist the force of gravity at every moment. Fortunately, we have developed a system of force absorption to protect our bodies. The force we develop and absorb everyday MUST be absorbed by our muscles. 

You can continue to perform activities as long as the muscles continue to absorb the force. 

However, once the muscle fails to absorb the force, whether small of large, will then be transferred into your bodies soft tissues; ligaments, tendons, fascia, disc’s, and bone. These soft tissue weren’t designed to absorb force. Once the transfer begins to happen for example ligaments will start to fray and possibly eventually tear and a disc in your back can dehydrate, degenerate, start to bulge, possibly herniate.

Whether the force is simple day to day tasks, picking up a pencil off the ground or dead-lifting a 500 lb it doesn’t matter.

Muscles need to be able to do two things in order to absorb force; be strong but more importantly turn on and off at the appropriate time, which is controlled by our brain.

3. Surgery and PT are the only option for fixing the injury.

Now there are times when surgery, and/or even physical therapy, is necessary. However, if the patient is not able to absorb force properly before surgery, they will not be able to absorb force properly after surgery. This may result in slow healing, muscle atrophy, pain, and recurring injuries. Unfortunately, we see significant numbers of patients who have the same symptoms return after their surgeries when force absorption was not addressed beforehand. PT aim to increase strength of the muscles are the injured area. However, if it is not a strength issue than this will not prevent the force from transferring into the still damaged tissue. Using cortisone shots are simply meant to bring down the inflammation of the injured tissue. In every case, the patient had muscles that were not absorbing force that was contributing to their problem. Surgery itself can affect the ability for muscles to absorb force.

An evaluation before surgery is important to make sure all muscles are firing appropriately in order to receive the most efficient healing following surgery.

Bonus Reason 4. All of the Full Proof 5 will effect your ability to heal, recover, and limit injuries.

  1. Eat Right
  2. Drink Right
  3. Move Right
  4. Sleep Right
  5. Think Right

Talk to Dr. Hoppe how he properly address these issues while using chiropractic, functional neurology, physical rehab, and nutrition.

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