On the go survival

With Maggie's job is on the road throughout the week doing community meeting presentations and as we all know it is tough to make healthy choices while on road.

So dear I've made a list of healthy on the go snacks so you don't get HANGRY while operating heavy machinery (for those who don't know hungry-angry) or on your way to present to communities. 

If we can encourage our younger generation to always strive to be the healthiest and best version of themselves then we have set up for success in their future.

Making sure you have quality healthy snacks when you are on the go is important to maintaining your health. I know I have run into this situation many times and it hasn't always turned out the way I would have like. Choosing the right snacks are key to keeping your blood sugar stable, your energy level's up, and your inflammation down.

Here is a list of healthy snack options while on the road

  • Natural beef jerky; choose a brand with limited preservatives and excess sodium, like the brand KRAVE. You can always make your own at home if you have a dehydrator.
  • Nut butter boat (Ant's on log as we called them as kid) with raisins or nuts
  • Mixed nuts and seeds; including pumpkin seeds (good source of zinc)
  • Protein shake/smoothie Chunky Monkey; banana, almond/coconut milk, OG Fenix protein or Dynamic Health Drink (I prefer chocolate), Dynamic Greens espresso, OG black coffee, peanut butter/almond butter, ice, and water
  • Kind Bar
  • Hummus dippers (veggies with hummus)
  • Homemade protein balls (I'll track down our recipe, speaking of babe we need to make those!)
  • Homemade sweet potato and/or beet chips or Sweets and beets instead of regular potato chips

Set yourself up for success with the week ahead whether you are going to be on the road or busy with back to back meeting. 

Have a great week!

Can I help with anything else?




Scott Hoppe