Here is to Strong Women

Well, the month has come…November is finally here. Now, that might mean something different to you, maybe it’s no-shave-movember, or the start of the holiday season. But to me, it’s the month my baby transforms into a 1 year old!

I can’t believe it’s been a year since this crazy little lady entered our lives. So much has happened to our family in the last year and Lola has grown up so fast. I can’t imagine life without this little monster, she has brought so much joy to our lives, but she also has given me something that I am not such a fan of….. baby fat!

Now, if you Google “baby fat” this is what the definition says: “the extra body fat that women may develop during pregnancy.” What is should say is:

“The extra body fat that women DO develop during pregnancy and is ridiculously hard to get rid of!”

What I am about to say might get me in trouble with some women, but I’m going to say it anyways, because; my blog, my rules! Bam! At what point do we stop blaming the baby and start taking responsibility for our bodies again?!?

I was grocery shopping last Saturday, and spent longer than usual in the canned veggie aisle because I was getting an absurd amount of canned tomatoes for our 5885 CrossFit paleo food swap! *shout out to 5885 Crossfit! Anyway, while I was in this aisle I overheard a conversation with a mother and her daughter, it went something like this:

Daughter: Mom, why don’t you look like <insert name here> Ms. Anne?

Mom: Well honey, because I’m a mommy and Ms. Anne is not a mommy, and when you have a baby you don’t get to look like that anymore.

As I was kneeling in front of the canned tomatoes, I first thought to myself, preach sister! But, then I woke up and was like, NO, don’t tell your daughter that. Saying that is like saying to her, you can be in shape and healthy until you have children, then they ruin your body and you can never be at your healthiest again. No, do not say that to your daughter and do not say that in front of my daughter!

I, more than anyone, know that we all have our weak moments, when we feel like it’s too much and we’ll never lose the fat or ever be stronger again. But ladies, we have a responsibility to raise the next generation of strong, independent, free thinking women, who don’t think their health journey is over when they have kids, but realize having kids just give us more reasons to want to be strong and healthy.

So Lola, if you’re reading this, Mommy might not look like those other women at the gym, she might not be as strong or as fit, but I am working on it. And Lola, the day you turn ONE… I’m gonna stop calling it baby fat, the gloves are off! Mommy just has 35% body fat, but she’s working on it because she wants to be her healthiest version of herself!

We should want to fuel our body with the right food and make sure we keep moving. If we can do that we can show the next generation of girls, it’s not about how skinny you can be but how healthy and strong you feel!

Ok, now that my rant is over, I do actually have a question for the Doc!

Hey Doctor Husband, the 21 day fix has been going pretty good, but it’s not without its challenges. My main challenge being when I am on the road for work and wanting to eat something healthy. I found myself a couple weeks ago stopping at McDonalds of all places for my free 32 oz water….. and french fries! Opps! So my question, best on the go snacks to keep my energy up and prevent me from those pesky french fry stops!


Scott Hoppe