Holiday cheer, now hand me a beer...

12/21/2016 BLOG post

Holiday Cheer, now hand me a Beer…

So where have I been, you asked? Drowning in a sea of wrapping paper, cute holiday appetizers and when or where I am supposed to bring a toy for Toys for Tots!

Now I kid about needing a beer (I actually want a glass of wine), but holiday stress is a real thing! it’s a huge part of being a working mom (or mom) during the holiday season, trying to make everything perfect for your family! But I honestly feel like I have been battling stress this holiday season, more than I ever have before.

Does anyone else ever feel like this?! I mean I literally just feel like the pressures of being Pinterest perfect and having the perfect family photo in our matching Pj’s has really dragged me down this year.  If I took a whole week off work to do all my cooking and DYI projects and organizing done, I would still need more time…..

This leads me to a couple of weeks ago...

I actually found myself feeding Lola dinner, thinking to myself, ‘Man, I wish Lola would just go to bed right now, I have so much stuff to do’…. Just writing this makes me so sad and gives me so much mom guilt! This child that I am wishing would go to bed, is the same child I literally get to see 2 to maybe 3 waking hours a day!! And I am sitting here wishing my time with her away so I can address holiday cards and clean out the junk draw?! What’s wrong with me!?

This was an eye opening evening for me! Lola is already 1 (not sure how that happened) I only have 17 more years with her till she leaves the nest, and it’s just not enough... unless of course she decides to move back into my basement after she is married and having her first child, that will just be bonus time! J

So this week Honey (Dr. Scott), its not so much a question on how to solve something but more so, a question as to what the stress a modern mom has is doing to our bodies? How is this stress effecting me/women both in the short term and the long term?

I am taking active steps to de-stress myself and stop over committing, but even then there is so much to get done. SO you will not see a blog post for the next 10 days, the last 10 days of the year, I am going to collect memories, not stress, with those I love most.

HOWEVER I feel I cannot leave you again for such a long period of time so I am taking over @integrativechiroperformance Instagram Page!! It’s gonna be entertaining guys, for reference my brother does refer to me as his ‘weird sister’ and things are going to get weird as I try to stay healthy over the holidays!

**Pic for Cuteness** Hoppe Holidays from our family to yours!

And just remember we all start fresh in 10 days! #HereComes2017

And just remember we all start fresh in 10 days! #HereComes2017

Scott Hoppe