Hey, Autumn Calabrese, My mom says you're WRONG!

Dear Autumn,

You’re almost as adorable as the tiny blond co-worker of mine…. Yes, her again, her and her tiny blondness supporting me in my journey to, I don’t know let’s just say, not having 35% body fat?

 I’m giving you 21 days, Autumn.

 Love, Maggie

So, what exactly and who am I talking to? I am talking to Autumn Calabrese, the creator of #21DayFix. And again, I’m talking about that tiny blond co-worker of mine that gave me the DVDs to get started. Ugh…

 You see, after Scott wrote that riveting blog post last week about all the things I should do to get this health train (choo choo!) moving, I got a little overwhelmed. Now, I know what I am supposed to say:

 “Honey, that was all amazing information, I will implement it all starting RIGHT NOW!”

 But, if you know me even a little bit, you know I never let Scott off that easy :) and I also live in this thing called reality. Trying to implement all those changes into my already busy scheduled is not realistic and overwhelming.

 <Insert that tiny, adorable, blond co-worker HERE>

So, how did I come up with the 21 Day Fix solution? Well, I didn’t. I was, of course, complaining about my pending major lifestyle change to my co-worker and she suggested the 21 day fix. Now, Doctor Scott had suggested tabata-style because they are short and sweet and I can do them anywhere. He was thinking of my busy schedule. I appreciate that, but what he (and I) didn’t expect was for me to become overwhelmed at simply the idea of coming up with those tabata-style work-outs. So, my co-worker said if all you want is to be told what to do for 21 days, you can borrow my DVDs.

 < Insert tiny, adorable, drill sergeant, Autumn HERE>

Raise your hand if you have done this 21 Day Fix?!?! Did you raise your hand? Well, good for you! I’m am SERIOUSLY impressed, I am only 3 days in and discovering muscles I forgot I had. According to Autumn, I am not supposed to give up or give excuses, but seriously, Autumn, this is hard. You keep saying “if I give up, I am only giving up on myself”, but Autumn, you’re wrong. I’m sure you don’t hear that a lot, so let me repeat myself, Autumn, you’re wrong.

Maggie pre and post first 21 day fix workout

 Me before and after my first workout with Autumn!

 You see Autumn, I am a mother, a mother of a determined little 10-month old that deserves the best.  She deserves me at my healthiest, my strongest and my happiest. She deserves a strong female role model to teach her how to love herself inside and out and teach her how to fuel her body to carry through life. So, I might be doing this for myself, but when it gets really hard and I need to dig deep, I’m doing it for this little lady!

 So Autumn, like I said, I am giving you 21 days. Not just for me, but for Lola. And I’m not gonna give up on myself or who I want to be for her! So I guess that makes you only half wrong, I might have been being a little dramatic.

Now, here are my big questions for the doc this week, what do you when mentally you want to keep going, but it was just leg day and you can’t even stand up from the toilet without it hurting? Do you push through? Are there stretches I should do? Should I take a day off? And While a day off sounds nice, what would you suggest!?

 Tag, you’re it, Doctor Scott!

Scott Hoppe