Let us give thanks... for frozen peas!

We have a lot to be thankful for, especially all God has given us. This is the time of the year we get to reflect on that. I am, of course, thankful for all the usual suspects; my wonderful daughter, handsome husband and insanely supportive family and friends!

But, I also wanted to give a special shout out to frozen peas. I mean they are healthy, nutritious and crazy easy to prepare on Thanksgiving, right?!? That is exactly why I am so grateful for my mom assigning me frozen peas for our huge family Thanksgiving dinner. You see, as previously mentioned, I am super busy, like wayyyy more than usual. I’m trying to keep up with any and all things office related (this blog included!), open enrollment season at work, baby Lola turning 1 (see picture below) and now, the holiday season.

Let’s face it folks, once a mom, always a mom! I think on some level my mom sensed I was approaching more than my usual stress level. So, when I got notified all I had to do on Thanksgiving Day was bring frozen peas…I nearly cried! It’s a much needed break from all the craziness. A day to pause and remember how good God is to me. And this year, a day to reflect on how simply amazing it is to get assigned frozen peas for Thanksgiving. So, thanks Mom, you’re the best!

To everyone reading; A Hoppe Holiday! May you and your families have a safe and fun-filled Thanksgiving!  

We will resume our regularly scheduled Q&A next week. Until then, signing off to enjoy the weekend with loved ones!

My Little helper! Helping me shop for Frozen Peas!

My Little helper! Helping me shop for Frozen Peas!

Scott Hoppe