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As you may have heard we are now offering online scheduling through our new software JaneApp!


This will make it easier on all of you to get into the office when you need to. There is a link on the website, the Book Now button on our Facebook page, the link in our Instagram profile, or follow this one

We have also recently added a couple new therapies to our repertoire, myofascial decompression cupping (aka cupping) and flossing. Cupping is a great tool to aid in losing muscle tension, encourage blood flow, decrease inflammation and pain, and improve nerve entrapments. We have seen rapid improvements adding it to patient's therapy. We use cupping in three main ways; stationary, sliding the cups, and with movement i.e., the cups are on while you perform a movement.

cupping Krsita.jpg

Flossing is when we use a long elastic band and wrap tightly around the injured area to create shear motion between the skin, fascia, and muscle. It helps to improve range of motion, improve glide of fascia, and decrease swelling and pain. 

FAKTR floss shoulder.jpg

I want to remind you not to wait until your body is screaming to take care of it but rather listen to the whispers. This is where the Full Proof 5; Eat Right, Drink Right, Move Right, Sleep Right, and Think Right come involved. 

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This is also vital when taking care of your structure. There is a difference between empowering yourself in doing self-care and assuming your injuries will just get better on their own without seeking guidance. When your injuries are not responding to your self-care routine that is when it is important to seek help. 

I'd love to continue to help you in improving your health.

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