Put out the Fire!

Welcome back health advocates!

We are going to talk about INFLAMMATION and how it is the main contributor to all major and chronic disease. I am going to share ideas on how to put out the FIRE!


4 Causes of Chronic Inflammation

  • Toxins
  • Leaky Gut (poor gut function leading to imbalances in immune system)
  • Poor Diet; the SAD (Standard American Diet) 
  • Trauma


Toxins inhibit mitochondrial function of our cells. The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell generating 94.5% of energy.

Poor gut function leads to systemic inflammation. Having a poor diet often leads to poor gut function and poor health.

The SAD Diet is highly pro-inflammatory. Changing your diet can make a huge difference in your bodies inflammation. Eliminate food sensitives you have from your diet. Eat a very clean diet. Focus on the Clean 15 and Dirty 12 when deciding what you should definitely eat organic.


We do not often have direct control of the trauma and injuries we endure but limiting exposure and reducing the inflammatory cascade after an injury are important part to healing. This is where using nutrients to fight inflammation like the ones below.

Great nutrients to fight inflammation;

  • Tumeric
  • Resveratrol
  • Ganoderma
  • Fish Oil; Omega 3's
  • Ginger
  • Boswellia
  • Nitric Oxide

Top Products I use to fight inflammation

  • Omega MonoPure 1300 by Xymogen
  • Herbal Eze by Nutri-Dyn
  • Ganoderma Spore by OrganGold (adn OG coffee)
  • CurcuPlex-95 by Xymogen
  • Ultra InflamX 360 by Metagenics
  • OptiCleanse GHI Xymogen
  • Resveratrol Plus by Xymogen and Nutri-Dyn
  • Arginine Plus by Metagenics
  • AngiNOX by Xymogen

Below are links to Xymogen and Nutri-Dyn



Keep calm and contact us to help you fight your Inflammation battle!

Scott Hoppe