Worry Worry Worry

It is the time of year where we are all extra "busy" finding gifts and spending time with our loved ones and of course on top of our usually weekly agenda. Stress builds up and makes it difficult to enjoy the moment even though part of the reason for the season is giving.

Tony Robbins defines stress as "giving something more significance than it really deserves."  When we continue to give something more significance than it deserves the stress response begins to have negative effects on our health.   For instance, worrying about things we have no control over such as traffic, gas prices,  or what someone thinks of you.


Chronic stress has detrimental effects on the whole body; digestion, brain and mental health, cardio, it promotes inflammation and pain, decreased hormone production and conversion, suppressed immune system, insulin resistance, thyroid resistance, impaired detoxification, loss of magnesium, as well as causes us to lose muscle and gain fat!

So now your thinking, "OK what do I do about my stress? How to do I control it?"

Rather than focusing on the negative side effects of chronic stress lets talk about solutions to manage your stress.

Let's Keep It Simple (KISS). I'm going to bring this back to the Magnificent 7

Drink Right, Eat Right, Sleep Right, Move Right, Poop Right, Think Right, Talk Right

  1. Getting exercise into your routine is vital in managing your stress. 
    1. Running, Yoga, Tai Chi, High Intensity Interval Training, 
      1. Think of it as you are blowing off steam
  2. Meditation and deep breathing
  3. Healthy Eating and drinking
    1. Put AWAY the SUGAR!
    2. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water a day
    3. Digestion; minimum of 1 bowel movement a day.
  4. Use Adaptogens. For example; cordyceps extract, gingseng, rhodiola, ashwaganda, eleuthero, B Vitamin complex, and more.
    1. Talk to me about which stress formula best fits your needs as everyone responds to stress differently. Whether someone is stressed and wired, stressed and worried, stressed and tired, stressed and mentally exhausted, etc.
  5. Adequate sleep
    1. 7-8 solid hours of sleep of vital for recovery and immune function
  6. Life issues.
    1. Improving time management and prioritizing daily tasks that are part of your goals. If you don't set your agenda someone will set you into their's.
    2. Keep toxic people out of your life
    3. Give up on perfectionism
  7. Start viewing obstacles as opportunities
    1. Changing the way you talk and think to and about yourself
    2. "Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into positive one." Dr Hans Selye

If you already some of the issues mentioned above getting diagnostic labs done is important to determine what is going on on the inside to create the appropriate strategy to improve your health.

The younger version of myself always like the quote from Van Wilder, "worrying is like a rocking chair it's entertaining but it won't get you anywhere."

Stay tuned for out next post as we will discuss success strategies coming into the New Year!

Scott Hoppe