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We are offering the world's healthiest coffee and tea's through Organo Gold!

Worlds' Healthiest Gourmet Coffee and Tea; Organo Gold

Organo Gold (OG) coffee is unique because it combines the best of coffee and natural medicine into one simple product. Every OG product contains a potent extract of Ganoderma, a medicinal mushroom known for its amazing healing potential. You can drink organic, fair-trade coffee almost anywhere, but only OG coffee brings you the amazing and well researched healing power of Ganoderma wrapped up in a taste you love.

Ganoderma is a mushroom that has been cultivated and used in Asia for at least 2500 years. It has been referred to as the “10,000 year mushroom” by the Japanese and as the “mushroom of immortality” by the Chinese. Modern scientific studies carried out all over the world have now confirmed what the ancient Chinese, Japanese, and other Far East cultures have always known – Ganoderma is an incredible herb with wide-ranging health benefits. This plant has proven itself to be an effective treatment for many of the most common, painful and expensive chronic diseases plaguing our society. 


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